Intel and motherboard makers disagree on how to stabilize your crashing i9 CPU

Recently, motherboard manufacturers have released BIOS updates to improve the stability of Intel 13th and 14th generation i9 chips during game crashes. But Intel, which announced last month that it was investigating these issues, is now asking gamers not to run these settings.

While motherboard manufacturers such as Asus recommend the ‘Intel Base Profile’ with ‘basic features’ and ‘low power limits’, Intel has stated that some motherboards and chips may require a higher power profile. should be used.

Intel’s full statement by Anandtech is below:

Some motherboard manufacturers have released BIOS profiles labeled ‘Intel Baseline Profile’. However, these BIOS profiles differ from the ‘Intel Default Settings’ recommendations that Intel recently shared with partners regarding reported instability issues with 13th and 14th generation K SKU processors.

These ‘Intel Basic Profile’ BIOS settings appear to be based on the power supply guide that Intel previously provided to manufacturers, which describes various power supply options for 13th and 14th generation K SKU processors based on motherboard performance.

Intel does not recommend that motherboard manufacturers use ‘base’ power supply settings on motherboards where higher ratings are possible.

Intel’s recommended ‘Intel Default Settings’ are a combination of heat dissipation and power delivery characteristics in addition to selectable power delivery profiles based on motherboard performance.

Intel recommends applying the highest power delivery profile that fits the design of each motherboard:

Motherboard manufacturers have not indicated that this update solves the problem with Intel chips, but it appears that by turning on the basic profile setting, users have done what they were already doing – downclocking. Downclocking improves stability, but at the expense of performance.

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Written by Sean Anderson

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